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Diving Deep into Energy Symposium

Diving Deep into Energy K-12 Teacher Symposium
June 2-3, 2017
Biosphere 2
2 days of learning from experts 
sharing of resources

Energy issues require an understanding of civics, history, economics, geography, sociology, psychology, and politics in addition to science technology, engineering, and mathematics. The goals of Diving Deep into Energy Symposium were to provide teachers with content knowledge from experts in the field about energy; and provide teachers with resources and curriculum materials that can be used in their classroom.  The Symposium’s three objectives were to increase the:

•             Energy content knowledge of teachers attending the symposium
•             Efficacy of teachers in teaching energy concepts to their students
•             Degree of collegial support among participants to promote sharing of resources
Click here for the printed program.


Presentation Materials from the Symposium 

  • Click here for slides for Principle 1: Energy is a physical quantity that follows precise natural laws. - Presented by Dr. Elliott Cheu, Assistant Dean of College of Science, U of A
  • Click here for slides for Principle 2: Physical processes on Earth are the result of energy flow through the Earth system – Presented by Joost Van Haren of Biosphere 2
  • Click here for slides for Principle 3: Biological processes depend on energy flow through the Earth system. - Presented by Dr. Gene Giacomelli, Co-Technical Investigator, Prototype Mars-Lunar Greenhouse, CEAC, U of A
  • Click here for slides for Principle 4: Various sources of energy can be used to power human activities, and often this energy must be transferred from source to destination. – Presented by Mr. Kevin Rolfe from SRP – The Story of Coal
  • Click here for slides for Principle 5: Energy decisions are influenced by economic, political, environmental, and social factors. – Presented by Ms. Mary Fosdick, Environmental Scientist from Tucson Electric Power

  • Click here for slides for Principle 6: The amount of energy used by human society depends on many factors.  – Presented by John Eisele from 2030 District.

  • Click here for slides for Principle 7: The quality of life of individuals and societies is affected by energy choices. – Presented by T.H. Calhoun, National Geographic Explorer.  Other media used during presentation included:  Biosphere; Making Biogas is a Gas, Gas, Gas!; HomeBiogas - Turn waste into energy; Improvements to fire breathing dragon; Solar CITIES IBC Biogas tutorial; Consider it done.

  • Global Trading Game from NEED 

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