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Teacher Leadership Program

Teacher Leadership Program

Where novice Arizona K-12 teachers of STEM
receive support
from an Arizona STEM mentor

Registration Currently Open



The Teacher Leadership Program (TLP)  serves two important purposes:
1)  To support novice K-12 STEM teachers and
2)  To provide leadership training for experienced K-12 STEM teachers

The TLP goal is to improve teacher excellence and retain novice teachers. The TLP teams an experienced teacher (mentor) with a novice teacher (protégé) and provides leadership training to the mentor while supporting the protégé in multiple ways.  

The TLP aligns with both ASTA’s and the STEM Arizona Education Collaboratives’ missions to inspire, engage, and support science teachers in preparing STEM learners and to improve and support STEM education in Arizona by mentoring teachers in implementing sound pedagogy in STEM.
The objectives of the TLP are to increase:
•         STEM pedagogical content knowledge and efficacy of both mentors and protégés
•         Knowledge and leadership skills of experienced teachers as they serve as mentors
•         Collegial support provided to all participants (networking, being a member of a community)

Click here to view dates and year 1 curriculum for the 2016-17 cohort.  A new cohort will begin Summer 2017.

Cost:  $2000/year (can participate for 3 years)

Apply now to take advantage of a $1000 discount thanks to APS Foundation.
To learn more about the Teacher Leadership Program as a protégé participant, click here.
Click here for the Protege registration.
To learn more about the Teacher Leadership Program as a mentor, click here.
Click here for the Mentor application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Year 1 Curriculum/Dates for 2016-17 AY

The TLP will develop and support 

protégés and support the advancement of experienced STEM teachers for three years. The TLP is designed for K-12 teachers of science, mathematics, and engineering (including elementary teachers), following evidence-based best practices for induction. 

To attain project objectives, the following interrelated Professional Development components will be provided:
•         Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) training
•         Classroom observations/reflections
•         Face to face professional learning sessions
•         Annual Science, Technology or Math conference
•         Online activities and interactive reflection weekly
•         Yearly development of leadership action plans for mentors
•         Development and publication of teacher tip videos
•         Access to Educational articles
•         Support for presentations at conferences
•         Coaching training

•         Lesson Study which includes lesson plan development
•         Summer leadership (mentors)/content development or classroom management (protégés) institutes

By providing a formal structure where protégés are connected with a mentor of the same content and grade level, a professional teachers association, and the STEM education community, their feelings of isolation will lessen and retention of teachers will increase.

In addition, through multiple and varied professional development components, the knowledge and skills of the mentors will increase along with their efficacy to lead educational reform at their school, district, and state.
Click here to learn more about the requirements to be a 

Click here to register to be a protege in the Teacher Leadership Program for the 2017-18 Academic Year.  
Payment for Year 1 is due July 15.
Click here to learn more about the requirements to be a mentor.
Click here to apply to be a mentor in the Teacher Leadership Program.  Applications are currently being accepted for Summer 2017 Cohort
Payment for Year 1 is due July 15.
Currently, ASTA has funds ($1000/participant) from APS Foundation to help offset the cost to districts.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Year 1 Curriculum/Dates for 2016-17 AY
A bi-annual newsletter for the TLP is published.  Click here to view the latest newsletter.
Other newsletters:  Fall 2014; Summer 2015

ASTA accepts applications from novice (teachers within their first five years) and experienced teachers (6+ years).  Click here to view a brochure.  

Click here to view current and past participants.

ASTA TLP Program is made possible through the support of APS Foundation.





ASTA partners with AATM & AzTEA to support TLP participants.