Teacher Leadership Program

The Arizona Science Teachers Association, in partnership with AzTEA and AATM, brings you a unique program that promotes professional excellence of both experienced and novice K-12 science, math, and STEM teachers.
The Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) builds capacity of science, math, and STEM teachers through unique partnerships:

Novice teachers (first 1-5 years) are matched with a mentor teacher and focus on co-development of knowledge and skills leading to exemplary practice
Experienced teachers (5+ years) develop leadership and mentoring knowledge and skills to support their novice teacher partner
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Goals of the TLP
Benefits of the TLP
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Year 1 Curriculum/Dates for 2017-18 Academic Year

Improve teacher capacity and excellence
Retain both new AND experienced teachers


Partnership between experienced and novice teachers for professional growth and collegiality
Development and application of leadership skills that promote instructional excellence
Exemplary professional development opportunities focused on individualized growth plans for content and pedagogical efficacy
Through program evaluation measures, the TLP has been shown to provide counteractive measures that reduce feelings of isolation and promote professional relationships that result in career satisfaction and increased instructional efficacy. These characteristics are integral to teacher retention.

To attain program objectives, with a focus on research-based professional learning, the following interrelated Professional Development components are provided:
• Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) training
• Classroom observations/reflections
• Face to face professional learning sessions
• Annual Science, Technology or Math conference
• Online activities and interactive reflection weekly
• Yearly development of leadership action plans for mentors
• Development and publication of teacher tip videos
• Access to Educational articles
• Support for presentations at conferences
• Coaching training
• Lesson Study which includes lesson plan development
• Summer leadership (mentors)/content development or classroom management (protégés) institutes


Member of ASTA, AATM, or AzTEA
Novice science, math, or STEM teacher in first 5 years or practice
Experienced science, math, or STEM teachers with more than 5 years in practice
Full participation of regular online activities: monthly meetings, weekly partner communication
Access to broadband Internet
Completion of program evaluation
Ability to be out of classroom 2-4 days/year for professional activities

The cost of the TLP covers:

Registration expenses for conferences/institutes/workshops included in the TLP curriculum
Professional resources (books, online articles, blog opportunities, etc)
Travel stipend for TLP sponsored events and training
Annual stipend
Cost/Participant – $2,000/year (annual costs for up to 3 years). Each year the participants re-register. The professional development is targeted at different areas of growth for the teachers each year.
Payment is due October 15th

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Cohorts of teachers participate year to year, for 1 to 3 years, with targeted professional development each year.
Registration is now open for Cohort E for the 2017-18 academic year.
Click here to view dates and year 1 curriculum for the 2017-18 Cohort E.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Year 1 Curriculum/Dates for 2017-18 AY

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