Teacher of the Year Nominees

Congratulations for being nominated for an ASTA Teacher of the Year Award!

You will be notified by the awards committee verifying that your nomination was submitted.

Click THIS LINK to submit your contact information.

The following additional documents/artifacts must be uploaded directly to the ASTA website to complete your application. (see link below for the uploads)

  1. Copy of Valid Arizona Teaching Certificate
  2. Resume or CV (limit two pages)
  3. Two letters of recommendation (signed & dated), at least one from a current administrator / supervisor
  4. An essay describing your successes as a science teacher. This may include: student success, science community involvement, professional growth, awards, leadership positions, and mentoring. (limit 1000 words, 12pt, double spaced)
  5. Optional: up to four pages (single sided) of supporting documents that enhance your application that may include: additional letters of recommendation, pictures, student work, etc.

Title each document using the following format: “Last name level year title”


“Landry HS 2016 CV”

“Landry N 2016 Letter 1”

“Landry ES 2016 supporting doc 3”

“Landry MS 2016 Certificate”


Upload your documents to: ________________________