Teacher Leadership Program Training for K-12 Experienced Teachers of STEM


“Teacher –leaders are essential change agents of reform that help provide teachers knowledge of content and pedagogy that supports inquiry-based learning”

Problem: Over 81% of teachers have not received training for the leadership roles that they have been asked to take on due to lack of budget, time, and support.

Solution: Train STEM teacher leaders to serve as mentors for novice teachers

  • Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol training
  • Summer institute & conference attendance
  • Online PD resources
  • Resources including technology
  • Membership to National Leadership Association
  • Lesson Study training
  • Coaching training
  • Classroom Observations

Teacher Leader Expectations

  • Communicate with protégés weekly
  • Attend trainings and summer institutes
  • Conduct one face-to-face classroom observation/reflection and two virtual observation/reflections with protégés
  • Blog about teaching and complete discussion forums
  • Participate in monthly meetings
  • Develop and implement a leadership action plan


Year 1  Cost for the TLP Program

  • $2000/teacher
  • %50 discount to teachers participating during the 2017-18 AY due to APS Foundation support.
  • Registration therefore is $1000 /teacher

Multi-year Program – Would like to take advantage of a multi-year discount?

This is a 3 year curriculum where participants can re-register for 3 years.  The total cost for the 3 year program is $7500  – if interested in registering for all 3 years, please contact Sara Torres at astaexecdir@gmail.com

Fee Schedule:

$4,000       Year 1

$2,000       Year 2

$1,500       Year 3

Total $7,500

NOTE:  For 2017-18 Academic Year, APS Foundation will offset the Year 1 fee by $1000 for each participant.  Therefore, districts will only be invoiced $3000 for Year 1.

Discount for multiple participants for multi-year program

Multiple novice teachers participate from same district -10% off each additional teacher

Payment Fee Schedule:

$4,000       Year 1

$2,000       Year 2

$750           Year 3

Total $6750/each additional participant

The fee for the program includes all registration costs, professional development fees, resources, stipends for after school hours for the participants, and travel stipends.

The only additional cost to the district is substitutes for up to 4 days per year.  We try to conduct all professional development in the evening and on weekends; however, classroom observations occur during the school day along with some conferences.

Activities for Teacher Leaders

Activity/ Program Year Year 1 – Year 2- Year 3 –
Mentor Mentor Mentor
RTOP Training/InTASC Standards        X
Classroom Observations/Reflections         X        X        X
Face to Face Sessions        X        X        X
Annual STEM Conference        X        X        X
Online Discussion Forums        X        X        X
Monthly Virtual Meetings        X        X        X
Blogs        X
Coaching Training        X
Critical Friends Training        X
Teacher Tip Videos        X        X        X
Leadership Action Plan        X        X
Present at Conference        X        X
Lesson Plan Submission        X
Summer Institute  ( STEM, or Teacher Leadership)        X        X
Team Building/Leadership        X        X        X
Lesson Study        X
Evaluation        X        X        X


School leaders will receive a bi-annual newsletter, bi-annual summary of novice teacher’s participation and will be invited to participate in the lesson study observation during Year 3.