2017 ASTA Conference Presentations – Science in Action!

Click on the titles to see presentation materials from the 2016 ASTA Conference, Science in Action!

Real-World Connections Sessions
Spark Students’ Connection to Content
Research, Science and Education Surrounding Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells
Putting the Pieces Together: Exploring the Contributions of Wegener & Hess
“Scientists in the Classroom” Interactive STEM Model
Arizona Ablaze: Assessing the Impact of Wildfires
Making Solar Astronomy Accessible
Reptiles In The Classroom?!
School Garden Food Safety
Weather Radar & Precipitation
Pathways to STEM through Engineering STEM Identity
Fingerprinting and Forensics
Where Does My Pizza Come From?!
Let’s Build Science!
Playing the Game of Science
Outdoor Education with Project Exploration
Connecting Challenging STEM Topics to Hockey with the Arizona Coyotes
STEM Video Games and Mentors
Transform Science Courses Using Student-Centered, Project-Based Strategies and GIS Technology
Engineering Conservation Solutions
Hands-On STEM Sessions
The “M” in STEM: Making Math Meaningful in STEM Classrooms
Engineering a Science Tool
Credit-Earned Bioscience Program for High School Students
Science is Fun: STEM Role Models for the Future
The “E” in STEM: Engineering Habits of Mind
Investigating Renewable Energy with KidWind and Vernier
Hands-On Applied STEM: Exploring the Inclined Plane & Mechanical Advantage
Pizz-a-thon – Sciences Related to Where Food Comes From
Biodiversity PEEK STEAM Citizen Science That Leaves No Child Inside
Up in the Air!
3D Printing in the Classroom to Enhance STEM Education
A Project to Introduce Informatics in a Bioscience Course
Shaping STEM
Outdoor STEM Centered Education
Inspire a Bright Future with Engineering and Planetary Science
From Falling Cars to Saving Lives
STEM in a Box
Tool of the Trade Sessions
Light Circus
Science Literacy: A Humanities Approach
Talk the Talk with Scientific Discourse
The Might of Metacognition and Mindsets
Enticing Learners to Engage in Critical Thinking Using STEM Content
5E Instructional Model in the Science Curriculum
STEM Learning Using the 5E Instructional Model
Teaching Science Using Phenomena
Enhance Your Content and Pedagogical Knowledge Using NSTA Resources
Tools of the Trade:  Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners
Whiteboards and Kagan Strategies – Shifting the Cognitive Load onto Students
What Do They Think? Engaging and Assessing through Visual Media
SPEDding Ahead in Science
Cooperative STEM Classrooms
Spotlight on Strategies
The Arizona Science Standard in 3-D!
The Science of Lasers & Light
Quarto to Fourto – STEMAZing Game Hack for All Ages
Connecting To Nature
Journey Across our Solar SySTEM
Talk the Talk with Scientific Discourse
Will It Blend?
Taking Advantage of ASTA Benefits