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Awards Committee


Chair Person: Marni Landry
Members: Joan Gilbert, Rellie Lawyer, Crystal Schalliol, Callista Kukawski, Erik Hanchett
Purpose:  The Awards Committee coordinates the distribution of information, solicitation of nominations, selection of recipients, and the awards presentations of all ASTA awards including Outstanding New Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Middle/Jr. High Teacher, and High School Teacher.  In addition, the awards committee is responsible for selecting scholarships for NABT conference and pre-service membership and awards for speakers, outgoing board members, sponsors, and special awards that are given at the annual conference.

Executive Committee


Chair:  Geneva Baker

The Executive Committee includes the officers of ASTA.  

Purpose:  To ensure the mission of ASTA is being implementd in all areas.

Finance/Audit Committee


Chair: Treasurer, Jen Gutierrez

Members: Geneva Baker, Bruce Jones, Amanda Hughens, Kim Adkins  

Purpose:  The Finance Committee oversees the financial operations of the Association and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on funding of Association activities. The Finance Committee also recommends policies and procedures regarding income and expenditures of Association funds.

The Finance Committee reviews the annual budget for compliance with policies, suggests modifications to submitters, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as needed.

Membership Committee


Chair: Membership Secretary, Dr. Phil McBride

Members: Pradip Misra, Kim Adkins, Matthew Schmitt, Crystal Schalliol, Erik Hanchett  

Purpose:  To retain, recruit, and promote ASTA membership to PreK-16 educators in Arizona.  The Membership Committee recommends policies, procedures, and strategies for enhancing the membership in ASTA both numerically and qualitatively. The Committee recommends policies, procedures, and initiatives to assure a growing and vital membership organization throughout Arizona

Marketing/Public Relations Committee


Chair: Karl Griffor

Members: Tom Fraker, Amanda Hughens, Paul Anger, Amanda Corken

Purpose:  To promote ASTA across the state and to promote ASTA’s mission and causes while raising needed revenue for continued operations and to raise donations for a particular cause.  ASTAs Marketing Committee combines the important initiatives of advancing the brand value of the Association and its members, and liaising with other industry associations and developing partnerships with other organizations and associations.  The committee oversees the advertising and marketing plan, and the publications of the Association, including the semi-annual Science Times Circular, ASTA E-News Updates, website, Facebook, press releases and conferences

Professional Development Committee


Chairperson: Terri Lake

Members: Cynthia Messieha, Svea Anderson, Joan Gilbert, Vanesa Sherman, Gail Gorry, Baldwin Gutierrez, Jen Gutierrez, Amanda Corken

Each of the members of the PD committee will serve as a liaison to an ad-hoc committee

Purpose: Initiates and coordinates regional and statewide/PD with a focus on needs of members, strands, and state-wide initiatives.  In consultation with the Executive Council the Professional Development Committee reviews the professional development needs of the membership, monitors ongoing professional development offerings of the association, and recommends new initiatives to the Board of Directors.  In addition, it oversees the Teacher Leadership Program.


Ad Hoc committees under PD for 2017

  • Teacher Leadership Committee - Joan Gilbert, SveaAnderson, Crystal Schalliol, Terri Lake

  • 3D for All - Cynthia Messieha, Svea Anderson, Amy Gingell  

  • Energy Symposium - Karl Griffor, DaNel Hogan, Amanda Corken, Jen Gutierrez

  • Online PD (Webinars) - Meg Gebert, Crystal Schalliol, Gail Gorry, Terri Lake  

  • Face-to-Face Workshops - Baldwin Gutierrez, Svea Anderson, Vanesa Sherman, Gail Gorry

  • Annual Conference Committees - Jen Gutierrez

    • Program - Geneva Baker

    • Facilities/Technology - Geneva Baker, Karl Griffor

    • Exhibitors  - Rellie Lawyer

    • Food - Kim Adkins

    • Student Volunteers - Callista Kukawski

    • Social - Marni Landry

Nominating Committee


Chair: Meg Gebert

Members: Amanda Hughens, Jen Gutierrez

Goal:  Coordination of the nomination, election, and orientation of board of directors.


Policy/Position Statement/Advocacy Committee


Chair: Bruce Jones

Members: Ronnie Gomez, Alison Oswald-Keene, DaNel Hogan, Callista Kukawski

Purpose:  To ensure that ASTA board of directors stays informed and is in compliance with all legal requirements for a 501c(3) organization. The committee will create policies, rules, and guidelines to help ASTA reach its long term goals.

ASTA serves as an advocate for science educators by keeping its members and the general public informed about national issues and trends in science education. ASTA develops position statements on issues such as teacher preparation, laboratory science, use of animals in the classroom, laboratory safety, and elementary and middle level science.